Holiday Rants from the CollegeHumor Staff

Who decided that peppermint chocolate and pumpkin pie were holiday flavors? That’s a load of horsefeathers! Those are great flavors. I should be able to enjoy them all year round. Pumpkin muffins shouldn’t be a two-months-leading-up-to-Thanksgiving treat. Pecan pie shouldn’t only show up after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It barely has any seasonal ingredients. It’s basically congealed sugar butter. Congealed sugar butter pie should be an all-year round food. We need to rise up as a society and take back holiday foods. All foods should be whole-year foods. People shouldn’t think I’m weird if I want to enjoy a frosty glass of egg nog in July. Well, I guess that one would be kind of weird.
-Kevin Corrigan

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(Source: College Humor)